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What to Keep in Mind when Starting Up an Accounting Service

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What to Keep in Mind when Starting Up an Accounting Service

Accounting is among the well-paid jobs across the globe because it requires much mastery of data analysis, laws, and the certification that proves you’re a certified accountant. However, some people prefer to transition to being entrepreneurs and offer accounting services to companies.

This option has several perks, like working flexibility and hiring your team. Dictating the best time to retire, thanks to the financial freedom that comes with it, is also a significant benefit.

But while you may look at the future results of choosing this route, you may want to consider other essential factors for the company's survival, continuity, and exponential growth. Let’s have a breakdown of these and why they are vital.

Budgetary Concerns

Top on the list of what you should consider is the budget. How much you’re willing to spend determines how significant an investment you will make.

Whether you’re doing a work-from-home scenario or trying to set up a traditional brick-and-mortar office, you’ll need particular tools of the trade to make your startup accounting business work.

Find out how much you have and how long it will take to break even after launching the business. This information will allow you to spread out the funds between the months you’ll need to service the accounting startup from your pocket.

Business Permit

It would be best if you attained a permit to run an online or a physical business. This document allows you to conduct your accounting affairs in the country legally. It’s an assurance that you’ve complied with the regulations of operating a business in the country.

Considering your niche, you may have to get permits from the state and federal governments. The overall requirement to gain operations pass in the US depends on your state, so you should find out from relevant authorities what you need to apply for one successfully.


Amidst your daily activities in the accounting firm, it’s inevitable to stumble across a setback. Missing tax deadlines, misapplication of tax laws, or unearthing of a tax-related fraud are some of the common mishaps you can experience.

Once the IRS catches up with your client’s sneaky habit, you may directly suffer the consequences. In such cases, you may have to pay legal fees or fines to settle lawsuits. Accounting insurance provides a smooth process for any practicing accountant in such instances.

You also benefit from property protection and the replacement of destroyed items when there’s a virtual or physical breach in your working space.

Your Services

Accounting is a broad niche thanks to the multiple functions accountants must complete. However, the services you offer are directly proportional to your education. Every account major can set up a bookkeeping and tax accounting firm.

However, to start an assurance or audit accounting business, you must have more credentials that prove you have in-depth knowledge of the subject. If you’d like to take on more jobs, a CPA certification in your back pocket will make it easier for you to leverage varying clients.

Additionally, consider using tools such as AI to help revolutionize your work, allowing you more time to catch up with other tasks.

Target Industry

One of the most vital things to remember is the industry you’d like to work with the most. Your passion can dictate this, but you can choose an enterprise in which you’re most experienced. The second option works in your favor, especially if you have evidence of having worked with other companies in this niche.

Most clients work with industry experts because they have a deep mastery of laws, exemptions, and tips to offer a business to help it grow. So regardless of the industry you choose, ensure you’re up to date with laws and bills passed yearly regarding accounting in that niche if you want to leverage more clients.

Application Requirements

Aside from the permits, you must obtain other documents to facilitate your activities. A business bank account, for example, is necessary for procuring your start-up’s transactions. You can effortlessly track all movements in the account and determine your taxable income if you have one of these.

Ease of salary payment if you intend to employ a team is one more benefit you will enjoy if you set up a business bank account. An employer identification number is among the vital requirements you need before your business can go live. This allows you to pay taxes and comply with other deduction regulations required of employers.

The Location

Where you set up the business dictates the kind of clients you attract. And as with many other business requirements, the location is determined by your money. Considering the rental needs, you should work within your budget to avoid depletion of resources before you make any progress.

Hourly Rates

Your rates directly indicate what you’re bringing to the table. The experience in a particular niche and mastery of accounting dockets determine how much you charge each client for a project. You can charge hourly or per project, depending on how good you are at your job.

Considering you may still be new in the business, it is advisable to charge per hour. This allows the client to get value for their money while helping you to build your portfolio. Once you have a significant client base, you can change the payment terms to project-based, which is more favorable.

Filing Taxes

The IRS is always looking out for individuals who aren’t keen on paying taxes. Unfortunately, landing on the wrong side of the law can earn you a negative reputation, damaging your market penetration efforts. Ensure you’re on time with tax filing and other deductions required of you.

To Wrap Up

Companies are opting for accounting as a service since it allows them to use an accountant when necessary. So, when building your business, ensure you have conveniently chosen accounting options that will favor you. Remember, if you diversify your knowledge of this niche, you get to work with more clients.

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