Another startup joins the Big Data league

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Another startup joins the Big Data league

ActionIQ is a startup and has joined the league of startups for Big Data. A lot of startups have been hitting the stores to help organizations learn and implement tools pertaining to Big Data. ActionIQ is a marketing activation platform that gives marketers better audience insights in order to run effective campaigns.

The startup has raised $30 million funding. The CEO of ActionIQ, Tasso Argyros said that the company aims to create a user-friendly interface built for marketers. “We were achieving huge growth rates and adoption by a variety of name brands, and so we decided to expand more quickly than we thought,” he added.

The $30 million that ActionIQ has raised is from Andreessen Horowitz. The funding also comes from investors like Sequoia Capital and Firstmark Capital, as well as Shutterstock. In fact, Shutterstock is a customer to ActionIQ.

“ActionIQ’s traction to date made our investment extremely attractive. The pedigree of the management team and the deep understanding of both marketing technology and data will be a strategic advantage in helping the world’s best B2C marketers triumph. We look forward to adding ActionIQ to our list of disruptive companies,” said Martin Casado, a partner at Andreessen Horowitz.

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