OpsDataStore launches its solution to Ensure Online Service Quality

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OpsDataStore launches its solution to Ensure Online Service Quality

The industry’s first big data back end for all IT management data has been unveiled by OpsDataStore. The solution called OpsDataStore 1.0 improves online service quality across heterogeneous and rapidly changing applications and IT infrastructures. The company was founded on the belief that no single vendor alone can solve the problem of online service quality.

OpsDataStore is also introducing its partner ecosystem, which currently features software innovators including AppDynamics, Dynatrace, ExtraHop, Qlik, and Tableau. By delivering real-time transparency across IT operations and application performance, OpsDataStore and its partners empower customers to proactively prevent performance and availability issues, and eliminate revenue loss.

“Every customer that we have ever spoken to is hoping for an end-to-end IT management solution that would coalesce and leverage all their management data into a single cohesive view — no matter what platform, tool, or API produced it,” said Mike Matchett, Senior Analyst at the Taneja Group. “No single IPM or APM vendor, or industry consortium for that matter, has ever been able to deliver such a vendor-agnostic solution. Creating an over-arching insight that can drive end-to-end monitoring, troubleshooting and optimization is becoming ever more relevant within our increasingly agile, software-defined IT environment. OpsDataStore offers a promising heterogeneous data unification approach to finally solving this long-standing problem, helping IT manage as intelligently as it can.”

Outdated legacy management frameworks and fragmented approaches to data collection have plagued the enterprise with time-consuming and costly solutions to service quality for two decades. The company and its partner ecosystem address these challenges by providing a 360-degree view of an enterprises’ application environment.
The Ecosystem spans management software vendors across the IT operations stack from Application Performance Management, IT Operations Management, Network Management, Infrastructure Performance Management, IT Operations Analytics, Cloud Automation, IT Financial Management, to Service Management and more.

“We help people see and understand data,” said Todd Talkington, Senior Technology Partner Manager for Tableau Software. “OpsDataStore has brought the world of IT Operations and Application Management to our customers — so they can better understand how to improve service quality.”

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