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Ridge Helps MedOne Mitigate its Latency and Performance Issues

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Ridge Helps MedOne Mitigate its Latency and Performance Issues

MedOne is a next-generation data services company that has delivered from the most advanced and secure data centers in the Middle East. The company was founded in 1999. Today, it operates 17 million square feet of data center space across three highly secure sites. MedOne delivers Infrastructure as a Service to its customers through multiple cloud environments on top world-class data centers and connectivity. No wonder MedOne Cloud has been a runaway success story since its launch.

Working with Ericom

Ericom is a provider of Zero Trust secure access solutions that protect organizations from advanced cybersecurity threats. The company's architecture was historically on-premises deployments at customer sites. But they planned initial deployments in a small number of public cloud regions, followed by a gradual expansion to additional locations, all based upon growing business needs. They knew that their cloud offerings would require in-country web services in order to meet the needs of the many multinational firms that rely on Ericom for adherence to local data regulations, low latency, and secure remote browsing.

While Ericom was impressed with MedOne's data center and offerings, the company's Devops team was reluctant to use a cloud service that did not provide a fully CNCF compliant managed Kubernetes offering. "As we started planning our global deployments, we had two major requirements. First, we didn't want to rewrite any code. Second, we wanted a deployment process that we could replicate all over the world. The Ridge Cloud and Ridge APIs satisfied both of these conditions out of the box," said Shmaya Frankel, Head of Devops at Ericom.

By becoming a Ridge Cloud Service Provider (CSP) partner, MedOne offers its customers modern managed services on top of their existing cloud capabilities. "MedOne's core competencies are at the infrastructure layer of the stack. We were looking for a partner to help elevate that offering, and Ridge offered us exactly what we needed in order to deliver the solution that Ericom wanted. Simple, zero-code integration with Ridge gave us a fully compliant managed Kubernetes service with a clean, modern API. We expect many existing and new customers to rely on the service that we have built with Ridge to simplify their deployment and administration," said Gil Shani, CTO of MedOne.

MedOne successfully provided Ericom with seamless migration of a Kubernetes-based codebase that was already running at a US-based cloud operator. Ridge's APIs and standards-based deployment made the migration completely seamless. As Ericom's Frankel explained: "Adding MedOne as another location for our infrastructure could not have been simpler. Ridge's API was intuitive and allowed us to configure and deploy with ease."

Ridge API can allow Ericom to deploy elsewhere. It has opened up a new line of business for Ericom. "It's exciting for us to be able to offer a global footprint even though our physical facilities are in one country. We are already working on identifying the next territory for deployment," concluded MedOne's CTO Shani.

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