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RMDS Lab to Host Its First Big Data Conference

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RMDS Lab to Host Its First Big Data Conference

Inaugural Conference on Artificial intelligence and big data analysis will be held in the UK on December 6th and 7th, by Research Methods and Data Science (RMDS) which will convene the world’s leading data scientists. The topic for this year’s conference will be how artificial intelligence can be used to improve everyday life.

Industry experts across the glove will spotlight the current trends and approach in big data and AI, including ethical dimensionssmart cities, healthcare, media and entertainment, education, women in coding, and reveal new research discoveries. This conference will also provide an unprecedented opportunity to lot of young entrepreneurs, to present their thoughts on big data and AI.

The conference will be led by Dr. Alex Liu, the founder of the RMDS lab and former IBM Chief Data Scientist. He has a distinguished career spanning over two decades. Many other internationally renowned scientists, members of the government, academia, and corporations will be in attendance at this event. “IM DATA serves scholars and practitioners with the necessary knowledge to succeed in a world that is increasingly driven by data and AI. It promotes the widespread appreciation of big data in the public and private sectors as well as the ability to solve intricate human problems affecting everyday life,” says Dr. Alex Liu.

This conference will be an eye-opener to all the young entrepreneurs in order to address the overwhelming popularity in this sector accompanied by low rates of data science success-highlighting. The RMDS Lab has collaborated with Harvard Dataverse, a leading industry institution on driving an “ecosystem approach” to AI, which calls for more inter-collaboration among data scientists.

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