Alexa Crypto exchange KuCoin launches ‘Creators Fund’ for $100M
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Crypto exchange KuCoin launches ‘Creators Fund’ for $100M


Crypto exchange KuCoin launches ‘Creators Fund’ for $100M

Crypto exchange KuCoin announced that its KuCoin NFT Marketplace Windvane and venture capital are KuCoin Ventures are launching a $100 million ‘Creators Fund’ to support and incubate Web 3.0 development projects.

The Singapore-based exchange announced that the NFT marketplace Windvane is committed to creating a comprehensive and highly compatible platform that will explicitly support mainstream NFT blockchains such as BSC, ETH, FLOW, etc.

The fund will also invite 99 NFT creators to join the Windvane NFT marketplace, which offers standard features like minting, storage, and trading.

The cryptocurrency exchange, KuCoin, was launched in 2017 and reached 10 million registered users at the end of last year, and currently has a daily trading volume of nearly $2.2 billion, according to Coingecko’s data.

KuCoin’s fund will support promising NFT projects with innovative technology and strong teams to facilitate the development of NFT space and contribute to building a diverse Web 3.0 world.

The CEO of KuCoin, Johnny Lyu, said that at the current stage of KuCoin’sin-depth and comprehensive expansion of the NFT fields and Web 3.0 and deepening the KuCoin ecosystem, the launch of a $100 million ‘Creators Fund’ would undoubtedly bring a solid impetus fortheir development process. The $100M ‘Creators Fund’ would support NFT projectsandcreators, further consolidating the metaverse infrastructure.

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