Adobe integrates the Magento Commerce Cloud to its Experience Cloud


Adobe integrates the Magento Commerce Cloud to its Experience Cloud

Adobe after acquiring Magento in May for $1.68 billion has finally integrated the Magento Commerce Cloud to its Adobe Experience Cloud to enable the enterprises to create highly engaging and personalized shopping experience. This was something that Adobe had promised to do during the acquisition.

The analytics and personalization features of Adobe Experience Cloud will be integrated to Magento’s Commerce Cloud. This integration will make “every experience shoppable” according to Adobe. This will help bring more customers to the Magento platform and will help brands connect with customers.

The small and mid-market merchants are going to be empowered with another major update for the Magento platform announced by the company. It will help them to extend the lead in commerce innovation and agility. Further, the Magento platform will also offer something for the developers.

The Page Builder tool has been introduced to the Magento platform so that marketing team can just drag-and-drop to create great content without writing any code or waiting for the IT. The new PWA studio has also been introduced to design a great mobile experience. With this, the merchants can create great looking marketing visuals which are for mobile screens.

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