Taiwan Government to get a new AI Cloud Platform


Taiwan Government to get a new AI Cloud Platform

Taiwan’s Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) is getting a new AI cloud platform to boost their country’s AI innovation. Three tech companies that include Quanta Computer Inc., Taiwan Mobile Co., and Asustek have entered an alliance to help build this platform to create an AI ecosystem that will help the country run more efficiently.

The program is currently in its first phase of development. MOST has set aside a $5 billion for expansion of this platform for the next 4 years. The government aims to integrate the capabilities of enterprises, universities and research organizations to address domestic issues related to manufacturing, healthcare and transportation.

Quanta Computer Inc. has been given the responsibility of working on the AI computing and data storage development. Taiwan Mobile Co. is to build telecom rooms and strengthening data security as it has a big fiber-optic network in the country already. Asustek helms the role of AI server development and application integration.

Additionally, NVIDIA has also come on board with its large exposure in the field of AI computing. NVIDIA is committed to provide MOST with a supercomputer powered by 2,000 NVIDIA Tesla V100 32 GB Tensor GPU with access to NVIDIA CPU cloud. This AI cloud platform is expected to start its operation on a trial basis in December.

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