Microsoft Azure now has AI-enabled Controls


Microsoft Azure now has AI-enabled Controls

A new tool that not only improves security but also uses AI-enabled controls available for Microsoft Azure users. Microsoft calls it Adaptive Application Controls and is enabled for Windows virtual machines running on the company's Azure cloud-computing platform.

The service allows users to apply white-listing techniques to their server instances, blocking unauthorized or potentially malware-ridden software. This is particularly effective on virtual machines that run a fixed set of applications.

“Adaptive Application Controls leverages machine learning to analyze the behavior of your Azure virtual machines, create a baseline of applications, group the virtual machines, and recommend and automatically apply the appropriate white-listing rules. You can view, modify, and receive alerts for these rules in Azure Security Center,” said Microsoft Senior Product Manager Ben Kliger in a blog post.

From the looks of it, Azure Backup now has improved support for virtual machines that are protected by BitLocker Encryption Key with a security-enhancing move. Users can enable this cloud-based data protection for both back-ups and restore virtual machines that use encryption scheme on either managed (by Microsoft) or unmanaged (managed by users) disks. Elsewhere on Microsoft's cloud, the company announced a new Alerts interface in the Azure Monitor service, along with new capabilities.

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