Amazon is quietly working on a cloud gaming service, sources reveal


Amazon is quietly working on a cloud gaming service, sources reveal

Dreaming of playing games without waiting for a download or buying a disc? Well, Amazon is likely to make that dream come true as it is reportedly working on a cloud gaming service alongside its close competitors at Google and Microsoft.

Cloud gaming, differently, aims to provide users frictionless and direct play-ability of games across various devices. This is possible because these games are actually running on powerful servers, one like Amazon’s infrastructure.

According to a new report, Amazon plans of cloud gaming service isn’t expected to arrive until 2020 and it has already begun the process of contacting publishers to distribute their products on its service.  Amazon has worked in the gaming sphere for quite a while now and it even owns a game studio, called Amazon Games. The retail giant also owns Twitch – the largest game live-streaming service in the world.

Given that Amazon is one of the few gigantic cloud companies; it makes sense to see Amazon dive into cloud gaming without any hesitation. That said – this isn’t a first time for the company. Amazon Games studio released a hybrid cloud game called The Unmaking, back in 2014.

Microsoft has already announced its xCloud gaming service powered by Azure and the project is entering beta testing this year. Google, on the other side, is trialing their service Project stream – that which enables games to stream in Chrome web browsers. 

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