Amazon close to winning DoD's JEDI contract


Amazon close to winning DoD's JEDI contract

Amazon is being seen as the frontrunner in securing the $10 billion deal for Joint Enterprise Defence Infrastructure (JEDI) cloud. The Department of Defence has said that it will probably award the contract to a single company.

Although in the past decade Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle have been associated with DoD for IT deals, Amazon stands tall in the current times for its state of the art cloud services. Amazon’s Cloud is the foremost cloud technology when it comes to offering cloud services and given the nature of data Pentagon deals with, Amazon seems like the best fit.

Dana Deasy, the Pentagon’s chief information officer, said in a statement: “We are looking for an industry partner who will learn with us and help us find the best ways to bring foundational commercial capabilities to our warfighters.” The deal is bound to bring upon exceptional changes in the defense sector.

The multi-billion dollar contract is for a 10 year period which will include an initial two-year base deal followed by two-three years option period and then the last two years. For the better part of the year, Cloud Industry top players have been rallying against DoD wanting to award the JEDI contract to a single company. Microsoft is being considered a distant competitor to Amazon to win this DoD contract. The deal is expected to be closed very soon.

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