Amazon is all set to dominate quantum computing


Amazon is all set to dominate quantum computing

Amazon’s cloud computing arm, Amazon Web Services (AWS), unleashed a new service called Amazon Braket at its AWS conference in Las Vegas. The cloud services are now available to some selected customers as the researchers are still building quantum-based algorithms and are testing them on simulated quantum computers.

The all-new Amazon Braket can also run on actual quantum machines from three companies: IonQ and Rigetti Computing of the U.S, and Canada’s D-Wave. AWS Center for Quantum Research, based at the California Institute of Technology, is bringing researchers from Amazon together, to conduct research that can hopefully be applied to real-world problems. The center will also help AWS customers prepare for a world in which quantum computing is more widely used.

Quantum computers promise to deliver exponential leaps in processing power by tapping some of the almost mystical properties of quantum mechanics. The hope is they will spark new advances in a number of areas, such as drug discovery and artificial intelligence, but they have yet to do anything really useful.

AWS’s dive into the market is the latest sign their potential is nevertheless being taken very seriously. The products will be available to every customer by the end of 2020 after they are tested on quantum computers and once the algorithms are all set.

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