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Apple uses Google Cloud for its iCloud Services


Apple uses Google Cloud for its iCloud Services

Google’s public Cloud is very popular. Apple had admitted that it uses Google Cloud to store date for its iCloud services. The latest version of the iOS Security Guide updated last month has Apple relying on Google Cloud. Although the rumors were speculating, it was never confirmed till now, where the company itself admitted to it. 

What happened with Azure and AWS?

Apple was previously using remote data storage systems provided by Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. So the obvious question is what happened to these Cloud service providers? Even the iOS Security Guide of March 2017 had listed Microsoft Azure instead of Google Cloud Platform.

However, the new edition, which was updated last month, has a different story. The new edition of the Cloud says, “The encrypted chunks of the file are stored, without any user-identifying information, using third-party storage services, such as [Amazon] S3 and Google Cloud Platform.”

This report doesn’t clearly state whether the iPhone company uses any Google cloud services for storing photos and videos or anything else. It doesn’t even give a start date for when Apple first made the switch. Neither Apple nor Google has responded to these questions.

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