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Microsoft Azure availability zones come to Southeast Asia


Microsoft Azure availability zones come to Southeast Asia

Microsoft has been trying to expand its cloud offerings. In the latest, the company is now bringing new Azure Availability Zones to Southeast Asia.

The Microsoft Azure Availability Zones are now available in Southeast Asia Azure region. Singapore will be the biggest beneficiary of these new Availability Zones. The presence of multiple Availability Zones in the region will raise the level of efficiency and reduce the chances of data center failures. These Availability Zones lets customers run mission-critical applications with high availability and low-latency replication. Microsoft in its announcement said that these Availability Zones are at unique physical locations and are made up of one or more data centers with “independent power, cooling, and networking.”

Microsoft in its blog also said that this will strengthen its cloud capabilities and help meet the customer demand in Southeast Asia. It will further also improve the company’s cloud portfolio to “enable customers to design resilient applications for comprehensive Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) strategy.”

There are 54 Azure Regions all over the globe, covering 140 countries. This new offering brings Azure closer to the customers all over the world- making their applications highly available, offering comprehensive compliance and resiliency options.

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