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Broxel will now be in the vicinity of Google Cloud


Broxel will now be in the vicinity of Google Cloud

For companies across the globe particularly in Latin America, the potential to adapt to the evolution of transaction and payments will decide their destiny in the market for the coming few years. Financial services are changing their path towards being ambitious, clear and improve traceability.

If a company has to sustain for long, the easiest and reliable solution will be to embrace the new wave, the benefit will be greater. Keeping this in mind, Broxel made a pact with Google Cloud to provide technologies that eases transactions through Google Cloud’s marketplace.

The agreement goes like this:

  • Broxel’s platforms will shift to Google Cloud. All products of Broxel will go down to Google Cloud along with their infrastructure, using Apigee to manage all their APIs and Workspace as its main internal collaboration tool
  • Broxel’s value offering will be accessible in Google’s Cloud, they aim to make this happen in the third of 2021

“The financial sector is undergoing a transformation, driven in part, because users seek a better omnichannel experience that facilitates all types of operations. We have seen how new companies seek to satisfy this social demand, growing the sector with new technologies that place the user at the center. At Google Cloud, we have focused on bringing this technology closer to the companies to help them innovate and bring the best financial solutions to people and companies”, said Julio Velazquez, Director of Google Cloud Mexico.

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