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CloudCherry, Salesforce to work together to enrich customer experience


CloudCherry, Salesforce to work together to enrich customer experience

Salesforce has announced that it will team up with Cloud cherry, a provider of customer service experience software, to enhance customer experience. Specifically, CloudCherry will integrate itself to the service cloud and marketing cloud of Salesforce, in order to gather more insights into the customer behavior of its clients.

The company currently provides as much as 17 channels for its clients to gather data from customers in real-time, while ensuring that the data is relevant and contextual. So after the integration with Salesforce cloud, CloudCherry should be in a much better position to handle customer issues and even drive up the overall customer satisfaction levels.

Salesforce’s Customer Relations management (CRM) cloud, which helps companies to learn more about their customers by answering generic questions about their customers like who your customers are, what they do, how much do they spend on your products, and more will be added on top of CloudCherry’s existing platform allowing the companies to glean a ton of information about their customers, that in turn, can help them to make better decisions with regard to their products as well as their customers.

In addition, the companies will also work together to help clients with marketing. While currently, the mass marketing campaigns are sent to all the customers on the database, this has to be changed so since it leads to a low conversion rate. This seems to be on top of the list on that regard for the two companies.


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