Datacom passes its first trial!


Datacom passes its first trial!

Datacom utilized its cloud solution Datascape to the shire of Manjimup in Western Australia. The shire is the first to embrace this software and Datacom took three years to bring it to shape.

Datascape eases service delivery and enhances community engagement for councils. Datascape is successfully implemented in the shire of Manjimup to manage service requests. This system in the future will aid by providing the best customer service with forthcoming stages that include finance and rates payments, building and planning regulations, permits and animal control, licenses.

Shire of Manjimup chief executive Andrew Campbell quoted, “The implementation was seamless and we’ve had a really positive response from our people using the new system.”

He added that Datascape was chosen because it is flexible, responsive and scalable to aid the growing community. He feels that this cloud software will help in better community engagement and it also streamlines operations and sharpens service delivery.

This cloud application is pocket friendly and helps the government choose what they want while adding more functionality. Datacom migrated data across from Manjimup’s legacy system, including ratepayer and citizen contact details, land parcels within the district, property data, rates accounts, change of ownership processes and subdivision processes.

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