Alexa DXC announces partnership with Google Cloud
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DXC announces partnership with Google Cloud


DXC announces partnership with Google Cloud

DXC had recently announced its quarterly results which were not very positive. The company had reported of a yet another losing quarter as its revenue came in at $4.89 billion which was over 7% lower year-on-year. On Friday morning trading, DXC’s share dropped to its lowest-point ever to $16.72. But the company has good news, as it is now partnering with Google Cloud as the customers shift their workloads.

DXC CEO Mike Lawrie during the company’s earnings call said: “This partnership will allow us to modernize mission-critical IT for enterprise clients and integrate digital solutions capitalizing on the Google Cloud Platform.”

“Under our partnership agreement, DXC will also be launching centers of excellence for Google Cloud Platform and Google Cloud Artificial Intelligence to provide clients with secure, agile and scalable cloud-based digital platforms that leverage our advanced analytics capability,” he added.

The company’s enterprise cloud apps and consulting business has been growing every year and has a strong momentum in the Americas region. DXC Technology is fresh off a deal with Microsoft Azure. With the new partnership with Google Cloud, the company now enables its client’s to access the largest cloud providers in the world.

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