Google Cloud now comes with Premium Support plan


Google Cloud now comes with Premium Support plan

Google has launched Premium Support finally. The customers will now be able to avail a new set of services and systems which will help Google Cloud serve some mission-critical needs.

Google Cloud on its blog said that Premium Support will allow cases to be handled by well-drilled experts who will be able to tackle the customers’ queries of application stack, architecture and implementation details. The Premium Support team will be working with the Technical Account Manager (TAM) to enhance the customer’s experience. The support will mean a faster case resolution, more personalized service, and a higher customer satisfaction.

The Premium Support plan promises to deliver a 15-minute response time for P1 cases. The minimum cost of the plan is around $12,500 per month. There are other additional features with the plan including training, product reviews and also troubleshooting third-party systems.

On its blog, Google Cloud wrote: “Premium Support helps bring consistency between the support plans for Google Cloud Platform and G Suite; a more competitive set of features and services; simplified pricing compared to the previous Google Cloud support offerings; intelligent systems; enterprise-class services; and as mentioned, customer context-aware interactions to help optimize the customer experience in Google Cloud.”

Google Cloud Premium Support has been launched and the company says that additional features and support plans will be rolled out throughout the year.

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