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Google announces Cloud NAT to help simplify enterprise networking


Google announces Cloud NAT to help simplify enterprise networking

Google’s Cloud NAT helps enterprise applications privately running on the cloud be inaccessible to the outside world. Cloud NAT will be able to do this by provisioning application instances without public IP addresses. This can be done while allowing the application instances to access the internet.

By using the Cloud NAT, applications can be updated, patched, configured and much more while not allowing direct access to outside resources. Hence, the enterprise Google Cloud VPCs can now be isolated and secure.

Google wrote on its blog “that building out a highly available NAT solution in Google Cloud” consisted a bit of hassle and work. But with this offering, the process and delivery have been simplified.

The Cloud NAT can help an enterprise regulate and direct traffic from all “ranges of all subnets in a region only, or from specific primary and secondary CIDR ranges only.” Cloud NAT implements outbound NAT which lets GCP VMs to access the internet but curbs inbound NAT which gives it the power to initiate its own connections to VMs.

This will make keeping private clouds secure by shutting access to them from the outside world.

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