Google and Cisco partner for hybrid cloud


Google and Cisco partner for hybrid cloud

Google and Cisco announced a new partnership that will help customers to build more efficient hybrid cloud solutions. Like many other partnerships in the enterprise area, the companies remained pretty vague as to what exactly their combined solution will look like! However, both Cisco and Google are working to bring the power of cloud to customer’s on-premise environment.

Diane Greene, the CEO of Google Cloud said in an announcement, “Google Cloud and Cisco are committed to meeting customers wherever they are in their journey to the cloud. This partnership enables developers and IT departments to seamlessly take advantage of the most open, secure tools for building modern applications in a hybrid environment.”

Observing Google’s activities, it remains clear that Google has its main focus on Google-incubated Kubernetes container orchestration tool and the Istio service mesh for connecting and securing microservices across clouds. In fact, this has been Google’s focus center on all its partnerships.

Both the giant companies have stressed on security, configuration, and policy requirements as a must in a multi-cloud solution for enterprises. The ability to get real-time networking and performance data is another indispensible part that both the parties have stressed on.

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