Google and Salesforce bring out the first launch after Partnership


Google and Salesforce bring out the first launch after Partnership

Google and Salesforce announced their partnership last year. The two companies are announcing the first pieces of the partnership.  As part of this, users of Google Analytics 360 are enabled to import data from the Salesforce CRM tool like leads and opportunities, among other things.

With this, marketers can have a complete view of the customer journey, right from the first contact to the sale and build a better understanding of how it all fits together for a successful outcome. Simply put, companies and businesses using Google Analytics products to mix and match data between two systems. This, in turn, allows them to have a competitive edge.

Additionally, the partnership between Salesforce and Google’s ad pipeline will help to connect with the right ads at the right time to push the sale completion. The partnerships will also provide companies to connect from Salesforce data to Google BigQuery, Google’s data warehouse service to combine data.

As customers tend to use multiple products, partnerships like Google and Salesforce are able to develop. This makes it easier to get a big and complete picture across product sets. Of course, Salesforce has its own marketing data from Marketing Cloud and it has its own analytics products including Salesforce Wave and Einstein Analytics.

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