Cloud computing usage surging amid growing coronavirus crisis


Cloud computing usage surging amid growing coronavirus crisis

According to Johns Hopkins University data, the confirmed coronavirus pandemic cases are more than 1,026,000 and over 53,000 casualties worldwide.

The U.S. is the most affected country with highest number of cases that are increasing day by day, for which President Trump extended the lockdown to April 30.

The situation is worsening every day and people are working remotely which has given rise to cloud computing. Cloud computing and storage have empowered video conferencing, gaming, e-commerce shopping, remote project collaboration, online classes, editing.

Observing the importance of cloud computing, Apurva Joshi, Digital Ocean’s vice president of product has said “cloud services are an unsung hero in enabling this massive, sudden shift to a remote-first workforce.”

Cloud computing is cost effective, easy for data collection, processing, analyzing, and sharing across platforms. Earlier, firms were renting computing from Amazon AMZN, Microsoft MSFT and Google GOOGL; however, the shift might speedup as many employees are working from home.

Microsoft Teams right now have above 44 million daily users, who are busy with more than 900 million meeting and calling per day.

Cisco CSCO has also observed the increasing number of meeting minutes that are doubling in no time on Webex.

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