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Intel boosts all the tech companies to adopt cloud computing


Intel boosts all the tech companies to adopt cloud computing

Chipmaker Intel is encouraging tech companies to embrace cloud computing and is advising more than 70 firms to do the same. Many tech industries are trying to push cloud computing but, the results seem to be unsupportive.

Companies involved in the working group invest over $50 billion a year collectively in IT and plan to lay out their requirements for future cloud computing data centres that are not specific to any one vendor's hardware or software. They each have begun their own internal cloud projects.

Many tech industries like Amazon and oracle are thrusting cloud computing but could not meet industry standards.

Microprocessors made by Intel go into nine out of 10 servers around the world, and the Santa Clara, California-based technology company expects the growth of cloud computing to fuel demand for more data centres over the next few years.

Curt Aubley, a technology vice president at defence contractor Lockheed Martin said “When you look at the changes happening in the world, the R&D that's going on, cloud is probably one of the areas that is changing faster than any other area of our industry.”



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