KPMG reaches out to Google Cloud to improve its services


KPMG reaches out to Google Cloud to improve its services

KPMG, one of the biggest auditors of the world is joining up with Google to bring about a transformation in its contact centers and its customer service experience. KPMG is planning to integrate its Intelligent Interactions Solution with Google Cloud’s brand new Contact Center AI. This solution will be unifying multiple artificial intelligence (AI) products. Google’s contact Center AI is bound to propel KPMG’s customer trends for better customer experience with its ace capabilities.

The collaboration will help KPMG’s business and operating models by making use of enterprise mobility, advanced analytics technologies, cloud computing and machine learning. KPMG communicates with its clients all over the world for the financial services that it provides. Google Cloud Platform’s security, advanced data analytics, and Machine Learning will help KPMG host its solutions in a better way.

“KPMG is creating data-driven solutions that harness Google Cloud technology, including machine learning; to help our member firm clients advance business strategies and deliver unrivaled digital experiences,” said Miriam Hernandez-Kakol, KPMG’s Global Leader for Customer & Operations. Google’s specialized knowledge in Machine Learning will also help member firm clients of KPMG. KPMG’s ML models will get an aid from the Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine.

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