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Marketo plans to use Google Cloud's AI


Marketo plans to use Google Cloud's AI

Marketo, the account-based marketing platform, is teaming up with Google Cloud yet again and is using artificial intelligence this time. Marketo has described the further details of its growing alliance with Google as it plans to develop new products to help marketers.

Google’s experts on machine learning technology will work with Marketo to create new offerings with improved speed, scale, and effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Jointly, the companies are aiming to equip marketers with personalized and improved segments for their target audience.

“Together we are envisioning solutions that will quickly put greater insights in the hands of the marketer, saving them time and energy,” said the CEO of Google Cloud, Diane Greene. Nearly half a trillion interactions are managed by the Marketo Engagement Platform every year. With Google Cloud machine learning, Marketo is striving to make these interactions smarter.

Smart interactions will further enable marketers with their own data and insights removing the need for a data scientist. The advanced platform will also be used to identify an expanded set of target contacts from a marketers’ own database. Based on historical lead conversion patterns, the machine learning technology will enhance the platform further.

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