Alexa Microsoft cloud datacenter regions go live in Switzerland
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Microsoft cloud datacenter regions go live in Switzerland


Microsoft cloud datacenter regions go live in Switzerland

Microsoft has launched new cloud datacenter regions in Switzerland for over 30 of its customers and partner organizations. These organizations will be able to avail Microsoft Azure services in the areas of Zurich and Geneva.

Marianne Janik, General Manager of Microsoft Switzerland, said: “For us, the Microsoft Cloud Datacenters are an investment in Switzerland – for Switzerland. In conversations with our customers, it became very clear that local data storage is extremely important for them. We are very proud that we are now able to guarantee that.”

Among the first 30 customers getting to use the new cloud regions in Switzerland include UBS, die Mobiliar, Skyguide, Swiss Re, Exploris Health, Swisscom, BKW Group and City of Zug. Other clients of the company will soon get to use the cloud services from Microsoft through a managed process. The general availability of Azure and Office 365 are anticipated across Switzerland in the coming months.

UrsLehner, Head of Swisscom Business Customers commented: “The close partnership with Microsoft Switzerland is an essential aspect for the further development of our cloud strategy. This promotes access to innovative technologies that we can offer combined with our services on the market.”

The launch of new datacenter regions means that Microsoft now offers its cloud services in 56 regions around the world.

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