Microsoft and Citrix Partner to Secure the Future of Work


Microsoft and Citrix Partner to Secure the Future of Work

Workplace today is very different from what it was just a few months back. The covid pandemic has pushed everyone to retreat to their homes. But luckily working from home is an option as the world is connected more now than ever before. Most organizations are today turning to remote working as keeping employees safe becomes top priority. To help organizations embrace such flexible work models Microsoft is now partnering with Citrix.

Microsoft and Citrix announced that they will partner to help organizations across the world to move to the cloud for the speedy adoption of “digital workplaces and virtual desktops.” The partnership will look to accelerate organizations’ transformation to cloud by combining the power of Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, and Citrix Workspace. It will provide a much needed platform to people for flexible work while giving them seamless access to applications, content and business services.

“As organizations everywhere adapt to new ways of work, they will need to reimagine how and where work gets done,” said Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. “Together with Citrix, we will apply the power of Azure to this challenge, helping our customers seamlessly and securely connect their employees to their applications, so they can be more agile and productive wherever they are.”

In the current pandemic situations, it is very important for employees all over the globe to have a seamless access to the applications and insights to carry out work responsibilities in the best way possible. The initiative by Microsoft and Citrix is bound to help many.


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