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Mirantis launches its new MCP Edge platform


Mirantis launches its new MCP Edge platform

Mirantis has announced its Mirantis Cloud Platform Edge (MCP Edge) that will give its users a comprehensive software solution for various edge cloud use cases.

The edge cloud infrastructure is quite different from the core cloud infrastructure. While the core cloud technology is generally centralized and uniform, edge tends to be geographically distributed where its architecture is heterogeneous. Hence, running edge infrastructure is somewhat harder because of the existing approaches of deployment and management. But this is changing with the Mirantis Cloud Platform Edge.

The new platform has a “low footprint, low latency, and high throughput edge infrastructure” according to Mirantis. These qualities are acquired by the platform due to its open standard and central management. The software solution has “Kubernetes, OpenStack and Mirantis’ flexible infrastructure manager, DriveTrain, empowering operators to deploy a combination of container, VM and bare metal points of presence connected by a unified management plane”.

As of now, the demo version of the Mirantis Cloud Platform Edge is available on the Mirantis website for download. The service providers can try deploying Kubernetes-based, 6-node edge POP capable of running containers and VM using this version that has been made available by the company.

You can register to join the live demo of the platform on November 8. The company is also hosting a webinar on November 14.

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