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Mirantis releases Multi-cloud Kubernetes with support for AWS


Mirantis releases Multi-cloud Kubernetes with support for AWS

Mirantis has hopped on the Kubernetes train with its new Container as a service solution; again proving that Kubernetes based containerization is continuing to become the default container orchestration program. Mirantis aims to make it easier for enterprises to manage hybrid clouds across Amazon Web Services (AWS), OpenStack, and bare metal with Kubernetes in the latest version of its Mirantis Cloud Platform (MCP).

The new version comes with Kubernetes-enabled MCP which can manage multi-cloud self-service Kubernetes clusters through its new Containers-as-a-Service (CaaS) functionality and its Container-as-a-Service functionality expands beyond private OpenStack clouds to run Kubernetes on the public Amazon Web Services cloud.

"With many new open source tools constantly being introduced into the vibrant container ecosystem every month, CaaS platforms are becoming increasingly complex to operate. Building on our experience operating OpenStack for customers like AT&T and VW, we plan to continue introducing new container services to our managed open cloud portfolio as open source projects behind them become more mature," said Boris Renski, Mirantis CMO and co-founder.

Similar to other MCP components, the new CaaS solution uses a DriveTrain lifecycle management (LCM), which is an open-source, model-based configuration, deployment and lifecycle management toolchain designed for continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD). The offering also includes enhancements to StackLight, Mirantis’ open-source consolidated control center.

Besides that, the company has upgraded the DriveTrain with this MCP release, enabling new upgrades to OpenStack Ocata and OpenContrail, software-defined networks (SDN). It also includes an easy-to-use, web-based interface for managing Kubernetes clusters, making it simpler for developers to quickly create and control their own Kubernete-controlled containers.

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