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No Supercomputer...? Now rent a Cray in the cloud


No Supercomputer...? Now rent a Cray in the cloud

Supercomputer manufacturer Cray has partnered with Markley to launch Supercomputer as a service, the first of its kind.

The advent of cloud computing brought along a lot of changes in how an enterprise got its job done .It also brought new services that made our lives easier. We’ve been using Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for a few years now. We added something called Identity as a Service (IDaaS) a few years back, and now it’s time for Supercomputing as a Service.

Cray, a supercomputer vendor, has made its high performing computers, technologies and servers available to users through the cloud. It has partnered with Markley, a Boston based cloud and Data Services Company, to offer supercomputing technologies as a hosted service.

 The initial offering provides access to Cray’s Urika GX platform, housed in Markley’s massive Boston datacenter, and is focused on the many biotech companies in the region. They are initially providing the services to clients in the life sciences industry, but the partners say the service is unique and they plan to address other verticals with a range of Cray products over time.

Life science continues to be an industry that can benefit from access to supercomputers. Research projects, such as mapping the human genome, are increasingly data intensive and can prove too much for legacy systems.

Now, with supercomputer being offered as a service, it should be easier than before to simply use this service to improve your business, without having to spend considerable time and effort in getting the supercomputers ready.

“Now any company that has needed supercomputing capability to address their business-critical research and development needs can easily and efficiently harness the power of a Cray supercomputer,” said Fred Kohout, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer at Cray. “We are excited to partner with Markley to create this new market for Cray.”

All in all Supercomputers as a Service seems like an exciting new frontier ready to be conquered. This announcement can be seen as a big leap in the adoption of technology and hopefully it can transform many businesses in the future and is already causing ripples in the Tech world.

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