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Nutanix prepares itself for the multi-cloud era with new services


Nutanix prepares itself for the multi-cloud era with new services

Nutanix has announced a new Operating system and two new services in a bid to lead the multi-cloud era. At the .Next conference 2017, it unveiled Nutanix Calm and Nutanix Chi, its newest cloud services that basically bring all clouds including distributed remote office/branch office (ROBO) and disaster recovery (DR) environments under one single blanket.

In the multi cloud era, data and applications are not only distributed across enterprise cloud and data centers, it is also dispersed across remote office/branch office (ROBO) and disaster recovery (DR) environments, as well as edge computing use cases. The new services tend to these needs and allow enterprises to build these diverse deployment options into their end-to-end cloud designs without the need of separate IT operations.

“Multi-cloud IT strategies require much more than today’s first generation hybrid cloud architectures, which force companies to provision and manage separate IT silos” said Sunil Potti, Chief Product and Development Officer at Nutanix. “The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS enables ubiquitous consumption of simple, delightful cloud services across any enterprise infrastructure and will be expanded with Nutanix Calm to deliver a consistent experience across all cloud environments, while new Nutanix Xi Cloud Services will enable enterprise apps to be consumed as a service without burdensome ‘forklift’ operations - making lift-and-shift a thing of the past.”

To build and maintain a multi-cloud environment, enterprises need to be able to deploy, scale and define apps across all their clouds independent of their cloud environment. Nutanix Calm provides a mesh layer that allows it to abstract applications from the underlying infrastructure and recommends the right cloud for the right cloud. It basically manages all your cloud and unifies into one big cloud network in which applications can be run across independently of the infrastructure or its original cloud environment.

Nutanix Chi allows enterprises to instantly access and consume Nutanix infrastructure on demand as a native extension of the enterprise datacenter itself, enabling them to use turn-key cloud services on demand. It also comes with a Disaster Recovery service that helps their recover from major disasters in minutes. All this will be run on a single OS, which allows seamless transition across clouds and platforms.

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