Rubrik releases Alta 4.2 for better data management


Rubrik releases Alta 4.2 for better data management

Rubrik has released Alta 4.2 in an effort to reinforce its position as the market leader in cloud data management. Rubrik users will now have the ability to protect a range of their AWS EC2 workloads and traditional enterprise platforms like AIX and Solaris. With the same data management software, it will help organizations bridge the gap between existing and future infrastructures.

Rubrik’s Alta 4.2 will provide detailed support for private cloud, public cloud, and traditional data center. The company wants its customers to forget about the complexities of the IT data storage management. The automated process can handle all of it. Its scale-out software provides data protection for cloud-native applications that are run in AWS, Microsoft Azure or both. Rubrik Alta 4.2 has a single control plane for the enterprise hybrid cloud.

There is new simplicity and manageability for MSPs via Self-Service and Private Cloud with Alta 4.2. Rubik’s Alta 4.2 integrates with vCloud Director for creating a flexible private cloud environment. The hybrid cloud now offers to bridge the gap between traditional data center applications and the new infrastructure of the future.

With a lot of competition coming from companies like VMware, NetApp, Oracle, and Dremino, Rubrik is aiming to make it easier for the organizations to use the public cloud and to build an AWS like, self-service cloud offering of its own.

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