Salesforce enters Cloud Native Computing Foundation


Salesforce enters Cloud Native Computing Foundation

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) – an open-source organization that manages Kubernetes, which is also an open-source container orchestration tool, has a new member in its list. In the latest announcement from Salesforce, the company announced that it would be joining the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

The CNCF has big names and giant companies like AWS, Oracle, Microsoft, VMware, and others on its list. While Salesforce is a SaaS provider, the company is now stepping into CNCF. With CNCF, companies are realizing that it’s possible to more tightly control the development process with containerization.

The announcement of Salesforce entering the CNCF was made in a blog post. Salesforce’s Mark Interrante said, “We’ve seen how containerization simplifies the orchestration of software across a large fleet of servers. Kubernetes makes a great foundation for continuous innovation/continuous delivery which then improves our software delivery.”

In a relatively short time, the CNCF and Kubernetes have become a striking combination when it comes to containerization. Interrante added, “This kind of collaboration, with Salesforce as an active participant in open technology ecosystems, is key to helping us move forward.” When a company like Salesforce is bringing out products at a fast pace, joining with the CNCF will only accelerate its process into a quicker and easier pace.

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