Salesforce announces next generation of its Service Cloud Einstein


Salesforce announces next generation of its Service Cloud Einstein

Salesforce has announced the next generation of its Service Cloud Platform, Einstein. The Service Cloud will combine its flagship CRM with artificial intelligence to better guide the agents and customers using the platform.

Salesforce has introduced Einstein bots that use machine learning and natural language processing to automate routine customer service requests and collect customer information for the agents. This will be included in the Service Cloud Unlimited edition and Live Agent licenses. Also, Einstein will be able to suggest recommendations and provide answers to assist agents during their customer interactions and on the customer side, Einstein will make offers to the customers at the right time in an interaction.

Another addition to the capabilities of the Service Cloud Platform is Lightning Flow that will provide guided workflows that the agents will be able to follow. This will eliminate the element of conjecture that generally is a bane for the customer service. It also guides the customers to better navigate through the self-service processes with all the Service Cloud editions. The Service Cloud Einstein is second only to Salesforce’s flagship Sales Cloud product but it is growing faster than Sales cloud in the 2019 Q1.


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