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Start Alliance Migrating IT Infrastructure to AWS


Start Alliance Migrating IT Infrastructure to AWS

The world’s largest airline alliance, Star Alliance, is migrating its entire IT infrastructure to the world’s leading cloud AWS. The move will significantly reduce costs, enhance performance, and will help Star Alliance become a more agile company in the cloud.

To make the migration happen, Star Alliance is working with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), an AWS Partner Network Premier Consulting Partner. The move to AWS will help the organization cut its infrastructure costs by 25%.

With AWS's unmatched capabilities, the airline will be providing its 26 member airline with real-time insights. “In addition to cost savings and elasticity, AWS gives us the most comprehensive set of cloud services to innovate rapidly, introduce new services to keep travelers safe, and continuously reinvent the global travel experience,” said Jeremy Drury, Head of Digital & Technology at Star Alliance.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Star Alliance reduced its infrastructure footprint and spend by 30% instantly. It was able to scale down its use of AWS rather than paying for excess on-premises capacity. But the future looks bright, and migrating its entire IT infrastructure to AWS will help Star Alliance begin flying customers regularly as global restrictions ease up. “By going all-in on AWS, Star Alliance is leveraging the elasticity of the cloud to take advantage of industry trends and pivot their operations in order to respond to drastically changing market dynamics,” said David Peller, Managing Director, Travel and Hospitality at Amazon Web Services.

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