TriggerMesh launches a new Serverless Management Platform


TriggerMesh launches a new Serverless Management Platform

TriggerMesh has launched a new Serverless Management Platform that will let the developers automate the deployment and other functions. Now, the developers can do this by using their preferred version control system on TriggerMesh cloud. This new Serverless Management Platform will work on top of Knative.

Knative is a Kubernetes based platform that is used by developers to build, deploy and manage modern serverless workload. Deploying this management platform will help deal with serverless workloads further efficiently. The TriggerMesh Technology will be available both as Software-as-a-service (SaaS) for cloud-based deployments and also on-premises.

Serverless platforms are being driven in the industry because of its cost efficiency and the control. Mark Hinkle, co-founder of TriggerMesh has said that several customers are already using the newly launched platform. This platform is bound to help them move their serverless functions from source control to a cloud environment of their pick. This will enable a multi-cloud management approach for the serverless functions. On its company blog, TriggerMesh expressed its excitement on launching the platform. It will surely usher the Serverless era forward.

You can get started with TriggerMesh today by joining their Early Access Program.

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