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Why Automation has Become Essential to Cloud Services


 Essential to Cloud Services

Systems like CSPM have become absolutely integral to the proper functioning of cloud services, and without them, many of the developments we are seeing today would be nigh impossible. Thanks to automation, we have made progress that no one would have thought possible just a few years ago, and the cloud has now turned into something much bigger than most could even fathom.

In this article, we will be taking a look at the various ways as to why automation has become essential to cloud services, as well as going through a few of the issues we would see pop up if automation was not as vital to the cloud’s success as it is today. Let’s jump right into it.

The Scope Is Unfathomably Large

The cloud is truly a marvel of human creation, and there are few other technologies on this earth that are as advanced as this. Millions of people store hundreds of things on the cloud every single day, and as you would expect, this would just be too much to handle if everything were handled manually.

There would never be enough employees for the cloud to run efficiently if run manually, and without automation, the cloud as we know it would cease to exist. Moreover, this point only becomes all the more valid as time goes on.

As more and more data gets stored in the cloud, the more complex things become, and we are already at a stage to where the cloud would not even function were it not for automation.

Automation is not bound by the concepts of time or energy - automation allows us to do things that would be quite literally impossible without it, and this includes intricate technologies like the cloud.

Human Error Can Be Incredibly Costly

Let’s say for a second that all of a sudden we decided to try and keep the cloud operational if for some reason automation services were temporarily down. What would this look like? Well, it wouldn't be very pretty. Not only would the cloud function at just a fraction of its capacity due to the lack of proper management, but errors would be rampant - one small mistake is all it would take to mess the entire system up.

With technology as intricate as the cloud, the smallest hiccup can have disastrous consequences, and this could lead to ripple effects all across the board. People losing their files, hackers being able to infiltrate security systems - you name it.

This is before we even begin to factor in other human constraints like motivation, time, and fatigue - these factors just make the likelihood of a mistake happening all the more likely.

This could cost upwards of billions of dollars in damages, and the chances that whichever cloud service in question could bounce back after such an ordeal are slim to none. Human error is just too costly, and without the aid of automation, our own constraints would tie us to the ground.

Frees up Time & Resources For Other Pursuits

Out of all of the benefits of automation, perhaps the one that overshadows them all is that of allowing companies to focus on other pursuits instead of taking care of the ongoing demands of cloud servers. Can you even imagine what it would look like if Google Cloud or Dropbox had to run their own servers?

Not only would such a feat be practically impossible, but it would also take up an unfathomable number of resources. It just would not be sustainable in the long run. In fact, it would be likely that we would see the cloud disappear altogether if this were the case - it is incredibly unlikely that companies would be willing to spend their entire net worths just to sustain their cloud services.

This makes automation outright necessary for cloud services. It would just not be feasible for companies to keep their servers up if such a task was going to bleed them dry, and we would have to just scrap the idea of the cloud entirely.

The exact opposite is true with automation. Automation keeps upkeep costs to a minimum whilst also reducing required hands-on-deck ten-fold, and it allows businesses to focus on other projects in the meantime. This is incredibly important, and this reason alone is what makes the cloud viable in the first place.

We hope we have been able to give you a better idea as to why automation has become so essential to the proper functioning of most cloud services. The cloud is just too complex to be dealt with manually - without the aid of automation, keeping things running would be practically impossible, and the cloud as we know it would become much less feasible.

Automation is one of the best tools that humanity has to combat many of our limitations. No longer is time, skill, or motivation a factor in many workplaces over the world - with automation, all of these are taken care of without a hitch. Catch you in the next one.

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