Jamie Kern Lima, the only female CEO of L'Oreal bids goodbye


Jamie Kern Lima, the only female CEO of L'Oreal bids goodbye

Jamie Kern Lima, L’Oreal’s CEO, once upon a time was a morning news anchor fighting for the best makeup products to wear for television. It was 11 years back that she and her husband Paulo founded IT Cosmetics company but now, they both have decided to leave the company.

Jamie wrote an Instagram post saying, "The time has come to step into an exciting new professional and personal chapter ahead. I believe part of my calling on this earth is to inspire women and empower women everywhere to transform their self-confidence and learn truly to believe in themselves."

Kern Lima is an epitome of success in the cosmetics industry. L’Oreal procured IT Cosmetics for $1.2 billion in August 2016. Kern Lima got $410 million from the deal and she later was the first female CEO of one of the L’Oreal brands.

The couple signed a contract of three years which will be ending this month. Kern Lima in her farewell letter writes, "I will forever remain in my role as IT Cosmetics' greatest champion."

IT Cosmetics is now in the second position in the cosmetics industry in the U.S with over 300 products and distribution in approximately 20 different countries.

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