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Lack of Knowledge on Cybersecurity Jobs: SANS report

Cyber Security

Lack of Knowledge on Cybersecurity Jobs: SANS report

Lack of Parental Knowledge on cybersecurity jobs stops children from choosing lucrative career paths. The majority of UK parents are unaware when it comes to advising their children to choose a career in cybersecurity, shows a research from global cybersecurity training provider, SANS Institute.

These findings reveal that 63% of parents in the UK are unaware of how to get a job in the cybersecurity industry. 27% of parents indicated that IT remains within their top five career choices for their eldest child.

This shows there is a lack of awareness of where students learn about cybersecurity. This report also helps to address 51% of UK businesses and charities that have a basic cybersecurity skills gap.

Incentivizing and educating school children to take up a career in cybersecurity is crucial to the survival of the industry and even more crucial for the security of the nation.

“These findings should be seen as a wakeup call to the cyber security industry that it needs to do more to promote itself. We need to ensure that the 72% of parents who haven’t considered a career in cybersecurity for their children become aware of both the economic rewards and the job satisfaction offered cybersecurity industry. The only people who can really spread that message are those working in the industry already. It’s another way to help close the skills gap we are currently suffering,” said James Lyne, CTO SANS Institute.

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