Alexa For cybersecurity consultancy, Agria Pet Insurance chooses Crossword
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For cybersecurity consultancy, Agria Pet Insurance chooses Crossword

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For cybersecurity consultancy, Agria Pet Insurance chooses Crossword

Agria Pet Insurance picked a cybersecurity partner to aid it decrease security risks and make certain of continued compliance with newest regulations pertinent to the insurance market. Crossword Cybersecurity Consulting Divisiongot the three-year contract signed to make sure of Agria’s continued compliance with the latest regulations relevant to the sector.

Agria Pet Insurance was founded 125 years ago and is one of the world’s largest animal insurers. The firm arrived in the UK in 2009, and is now a prominent feature of the UK pet insurance industry, providing insurance for cats and dogs. The firm offers a tailored choice of cover and optional benefits depending on its customers’ pets, lifestyle and budget.

Agria has successfully completed a project assessing its cybersecurity controls against best practice and industry security standards. Now that the company continues to build up its mechanisms protecting crucial data from hackers, the company has appointed Crossword Cybersecurity Consulting Division to give Agria access to regular testing of its cyber-security processes and technology, helping the company minimise its security risks.

Stuart Jubb, Managing Director of Crossword Consulting, said, “We are delighted to form a long-term partnership with Agria Pet Insurance. This deal shows how well received our vCISO product is with clients and in particular how well received it has been in the Insurance sector. Building and maintaining a cyber-security team can be a slow and expensive process. Crossword’s vCISO offering gives companies immediate access to expertise and technology that can make a rapid impact, improving cyber-security posture, processes, and minimising risks.”

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