Air Canada latest victim of a data breach

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Air Canada latest victim of a data breach

Air Canada has revealed in a notice on its website that it experienced a security breach recently. The airline disclosed that they noticed a spike in unusual login behavior on their mobile app between August 22 and August 24. As a result of this cybersecurity compromise, approximately 20,000 of its customers were affected.

The attacker(s) could have accessed customer details like names, contact numbers, gender, DOB, residential address, nationality, e-mail Ids, passport numbers, contact numbers and much more through the hack.

But the company in a statement said that the credit card numbers of the customers remained unaffected. In a statement, the company said, “Credit cards that are saved to your profile are encrypted and stored in compliance with security standards set by the payment card industry or PCI standards.” But still, the airline has advised its customers to check their transactions to be on the safer side.

As a precautionary tactic, the company logged out every customer from its mobile app to prevent unauthorized access that led to the breach. The company has further sent e-mails intimating to all its customers about the data breach along with those affected by the breach and has asked them to reset their logins.

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