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Scott Morrison reveals national parties targeted in cyber attacks

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Scott Morrison reveals national parties targeted in cyber attacks

Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison addressed the country’s Parliament on February 16 and made some revelations regarding the cyber attacks that targeted the Australian Parliament’s computer network.

Talking to the country’s leaders he said the hackers had targeted the networks of major political parties. “Members will be aware that the Australian Cyber Security Centre recently identified a malicious intrusion into the Australian Parliament House computer network,” he said.

He further stated that investigations have led them to believe that the cyber attacks were state-sponsored. The attacks also targeted the networks of political parties namely: Liberal, Labor and Nationals. “We also became aware that the networks of some political partied Liberal, Labor and National have also been affected.”

The news of the cybersecurity compromise has come to light as the country heads for its national elections in May. Although it is clear that important information was accessed, the Prime Minister chose to not shed any light on the data compromised. But he made it clear that the investigators have found no evidence of election interference. The Prime Minister has announced that any political party or electoral body in need of support will be helped by the Australian Cyber Security Centre.

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