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A new cyber security node opens in Australia

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A new cyber security node opens in Australia

The New South Wales government and AustCyber have jointly launched the NSW Cyber Security Innovation Node. This new cybersecurity node opens with an aim to work with the industry on cyber innovation and grow the local cybersecurity workforce. 

The innovation cyber security node is expected to be co-located within the Joint Cyber Security Centre at Sydney. It is the first of its kind in NSW, but the sixth in Australia. The other nodes have been established in Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania. 

Karen Andrews, Federal Minister for Industry, Science and Technology said that the new node was another important step in developing an industry that would boost Australia’s economy and create jobs.

This new node in Sydney is backed by NSW Government and AustCyber that will bring together all startups, universities, corporations, researchers and government agencies to share expertise and create new ideas.

According to Stephenie Andal, a NSW Cyber Security Innovation Node manager, “the node will focus on two work streams to facilitate collaboration among cybersecurity stakeholders, economical opportunities and drive cutting edge innovation.”

“This is where we'll strategically address key opportunities and also the challenges of cyber. We'll also work in close alignment with a number of businesses across NSW who are invested in developing leading-edge cyber security opportunities for the state," Stephenie Andal added.

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