Daniel's hosting gets hacked, 6500 services affected

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Daniel's hosting gets hacked, 6500 services affected

The popular dark web hosting service, Daniel’s hosting was hacked. The data breach was huge for the hosting service as all the data is gone. The hack has wiped out a lot of critical data and, so, the website has announced that it has suspended its services as of now.

The data breach occurred on November 15th, when the hosting server was logged into through phpmyadmin and adminer. The hacker was able to log in through the correct hosting management password too and went on to delete all accounts. In its preliminary investigation, the website has found that the root account was also deleted which was injected into the database. After this, all the chats, link lists, and hit counters were deleted too.

The mail and XMPP service, the static content and the short-link service are among the few services that remain unaffected by the hack.

The dark web hosting service has said that, “it is not possible to find the root cause by log analysis”. The website even reaches out to the hacker who may have caused the breach to help recover the lost data. The service will be back up once the cause for the cybersecurity compromise has been found. Daniel’s hosting may resume its services in December.

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