Alexa Apple now lets you download your data

Apple now lets you download your data

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Apple now lets you download your data

The world’s first trillion dollar company, Apple, has decided to give the data back to its users. It had previously done the same for its users in Europe a few months back but now this is being allowed for its U.S. customers too. Now you can find what Apple has on you, just in a few clicks.

On its support page, Apple lists out the information that can be downloaded. These include your Apple ID account details, your sign-in records, app usage information, your Apple retail store transaction records, and records of marketing communications, preferences, and other cybersecurity activities.

To request a copy of your data you need to sign in to your Apple ID account page through any device. Then you need to scroll down to “Data & Privacy” and select “Manage your Data and Privacy.” On the next page, click on “Get a copy your data.” This will get you started. 

But you’re in for a shock if you think the company has much to reveal. If you go ahead and download your data, the company is most likely to send you just the spreadsheets detailing your purchase history, iCloud logs, order history and some of your account information. Because the company simply doesn’t believe in retaining everything it sees unlike its other counterparts in technology.

The company has focused heavily on securing its technology to preserve the user privacy till now but with this move, it’s demonstrating how high it places transparency in its business practice too.

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