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Trump signs executive order to boost cybersecurity workforce

Cyber Security

Trump signs executive order to boost cybersecurity workforce

President Trump has signed an executive order meant to boost the government workforce involved in cybersecurity. The order also looks to standardize and incentivize cybersecurity education.

The executive order will enable cybersecurity professionals in America to serve and learn in multiple roles in diverse entities. Such seamless movement of the cybersecurity professionals will help them acquire a wider range of skills which will, in turn, help the cybersecurity scenario of the country.

One of the measures which will help identify the best in the cybersecurity community in various circles is called the President’s Cup challenge. The challenge aims to incentivize good skills in the community and help close gaps in protecting critical infrastructure.

In a statement, President Trump said “More than 300,000 cybersecurity job vacancies exist in the United States today. They must be filled to protect our critical infrastructure, national defense, and the American way of life.”

The executive order needs the United States policy to allow seamless movement of cybersecurity practitioners between public and private sectors. The order among other measures also established a rotational program which will allow the federal workers to rotate and work for multiple cyber-related assignments within other agencies.

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