Facebook on a lookout for a cybersecurity firm

facebook hires cybersecurity firm

Facebook is reportedly looking for a cybersecurity firm to help it clean up its recent hacks and improve its security. Facebook is likely to acquire a firm and reports suggest that the social network giant has already approached a couple of firms about a possible purchase.

Facebook is looking to up its security talent and also help the company nurse back the damage it’s faced over the past months. It needs a positive public relations move, and what better than a cybersecurity firm? Reports also suppose that the deal may come through by the end of this year. But it still remains unclear what type of security help Facebook actually needs and who it’s going to acquire.

If you’re wondering why the sudden urge to acquire a firm, it’s all related to the incident where hackers stole access tokens for 30 million accounts on Facebook. The hack was a shocking one and an eye opener as hackers could now access contact info on 14 million accounts, additional search history of another 15 million accounts and more. Facebook says the remaining 1 million accounts were unaffected. But one can never be sure.

It’s now clear that Facebook really needs to up its security measures. And clearly, the company feels getting a whole cybersecurity firm to do the job is the best part. Let’s hope that things start shaping up.