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Facebook postpones launch of Smart Speakers amidst on-going scandal

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Facebook postpones launch of Smart Speakers amidst on-going scandal

Home speakers are slowly becoming part of the furniture today. However, you won’t be seeing any home smart speakers from Facebook just yet! The fumes of the ongoing scandal regarding privacy and cybersecurity have postponed the launch of Facebook smart speakers.

In fact, the Facebook smart speakers were supposed to be launched at Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference in May. However, Facebook revealed that this might be wrong time to ask people to buy and trust the company with absolute personal information with its always-listening microphones smart speakers.

Trust issues

The Facebook smart speaker is said to be a video-focused device. With a codename Aloha or Portal, the smart speaker comes in the size of a laptop with a touchscreen. But the selling point of Facebook’s smart speaker was the price. Facebook now wishes to conduct a deeper review of the product. There will be a proper review and analysis on how the collection of data will be used before releasing the product.

After Facebook faced a backlash with the Cambridge Analytica issue, people are outraged with the social networking site. Issues regarding privacy, cybersecurity, and data handling have got the company involved in the scandal. It seems like a wise move to postpone the launch of the smart device.

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