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Four Telcos build global cybersecurity group

Cyber Security

Four Telcos build global cybersecurity group

SoftBank, Singtel, Etisalat and Telefónica created a cybersecurity group with the purpose of exchanging data on threats and seek each other’s support to help customers across the globe. The telcos are planning to establish a managed security services platform that supported more than 1.2 billion customers across 60 countries in Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas.

According to ZDNet, the four telcos ran a network of 22 security operation centres and employed over 6,000 cybersecurity professionals. Partners will not only start sharing data on cyberthreats but also will tap each party's geographic expertise and reach as well as capabilities to support business customers.

Customers can enjoy cost benefits. Additionally, partners are planning to jointly develop a technology roadmap which focuses on cybersecurity applications for IoT and that integrated predictive analytics and machine learning.

"The group's resources, combined with those of its alliance partners, will provide a robust cyber security platform to protect our global customers," Wong, Singtel’s CEO of global cybersecurity Art said.

Andrew Schwabecher, SoftBank’s head of cloud and cybersecurity asserted that hackers have created highly established and structured communities to launch attacks collectively.

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